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No. Name Thesis Institution Occupation
41. Dr. Ricardo Vargas Posada Good News from Frontier: Progressive Catholic Mission and Inter-Cultural Dialogue in Uraba, Western Colombia and Manggarai, Eastern Indonesia University EIA, Colombia Faculty
42. Dr. Roma Ulinnuha American Muslims Redefining Religion and Identity: Critical Discourse Analysis on 9/11 Uproar UIN Sunan Kalijaga, Yogyakarta Faculty
43. Dr. Roswell Duncan Blount Community Partnership in Sustainable Corporate Social Responsibility: The Influence of Altruism and Transcendence in China and India Ingersoll Rand, USA Staff
44. Dr. Sartini The Worldview of Wong Pinter: A Case Study in Temanggung, Central Java Faculty of Philosophy, Universitas Gadjah Mada Faculty
45. Dr. Raden Rara Siti Kurnia Widiastuti Discourses And Practices Of Muslim Transgender In Yogyakarta And Central Java, Indonesia UIN Sunan Kalijaga, Yogyakarta Faculty
46. Dr. Steve Gerardo Christoffel Gaspersz Negotiating Religious Identities, Cultural Authorities and Modernity in Leihitu, Ambon Island Universitas Kristen Indonesia Maluku, Ambon Faculty
47. Dr. Sung Min Kim NGOs in the Public Sphere: Religious Pluralism Discourse and Interreligious Collaboration for Deliberative Democracy in Indonesia’s Post-Reform Era Universitas Kristen Satya Wacana Researcher
48. Dr. Syamsu Madyan When Islam Meets Medicine: The Interplay of Power and Agency amongst Muslims Living with HIV and AIDS as Socially Constructed Reality in Indonesia Universitas Islam Malang, Malang Faculty
49. Dr. Tri Harmaji Arjuna The Practice of High Lifestyle among Indonesian Lower Middle Class Lembaga Alkitab Indonesia (LAI), Jakarta Translator Officer
50. Dr. Witriani The Politics of Representation of American Jews in Hollywood Movies: A Study of Ben Hur, The Chosen and Schindler's List UIN Sunan Kalijaga, Yogyakarta Faculty
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