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Call for Participants in Online Workshop on Judaism

  June 8th 2020

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Judaism is the oldest Abrahamic religions. It is the "elder" of Christianity and Islam, and many of its basic and fundamental teachings are shared by the two, but very often misrepresented and misunderstood, when especially related to global politics. Its followers, except in Israel, are among the minority groups in many countries that often receive anti-Semitic hatred and discriminative treatments. In Indonesia, Judaism is not recognized and served by the state, and its small number of followers have had to affiliate to one of the recognized religions.

What is Judaism (its basic religious teaching), what are the differences between Jews as religious followers and that of ethnic groups, how the Jews have undergone their history, especially in dealing with the politics, how they have engaged in interreligious dialogues, and what are their contributions to the world are among the crucial questions, and yet least elaborated.

To discuss the above issues related to Judaism, CRCS and ICRS will organize an online 3-day workshop. The workshop is free for public, but specifically managed for university lecturers in (but not limited to) Judaism, world religions, interreligious dialogues, cross-cultural understanding, and international relations. The workshop will be facilitated by an outstanding professor/rabbi, Prof. Dr. David Rosen (the International Director of Inter-Religious Affairs, American Jewish Committee)

The workshop will be conducted in July 6th-8th, 2020 at 15:00-16:30 Indonesian Western Time, using Zoom as the internet platform. It will accommodate 40 participants with certain qualifications.


1. Teaching a course(s) that (would at least partly) incorporates Judaism

2. Sufficient English at least in reading English resources.

3. Commitment to fully participate in the workshop.

To join and participate, prospective candidates will submit the following to the organizer:

1. A letter of application (explains the interests, objectives, and commitment).

2. CV

3. An example of a course which includes reading materials

Those documents are to submit to here by June 19th, 2020.

Contact person: David Akbar (081314395351)