Scholarship for Polarization Research

5 June 2023



Trends toward religious majoritarianism contribute to and strengthen polarization in Indonesia. This trend can result in the denial of equal treatment to certain minority groups. Attempts to overcome polarization by the government have, in some cases, combined with political interests, further exacerbating polarization and democratic regression.

To address the issue of polarization in Indonesian society, ICRS is pleased to announce a scholarship for students interested in exploring the topic of polarization. The scholarship will provide up to four years of tuition for Ph.D. students at ICRS. 

The applicants will be considered for this scholarship after receiving an acceptance letter (LoA) from Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM). For an example LoA, click this link:

For further information on research topics, please contact Dr. Dicky Sofjan ( ) or Prof. Fatimah Husein ( ).