Online Course

The pandemic drove ICRS to refocus and adapt, manifested in several adjustments and initiatives. Among others, it was momentum for realizing a digital-based learning system through a Fabo-based MOOC (Massive Open Online Course). MOOC is a platform for ICRS to provide outreach to larger audiences, particularly non-specialists, to learn and update their knowledge about several crucial religious issues.

The current one is the Executive Course on Islam and Religious Pluralism in Indonesia, which has trained more than 30 Indonesian and foreign diplomats and religious instructors. Other courses include the topics of Freedom of Religion or Belief (FoRB), Religious Literacy, and Religion and Ecology. Online community engagements included training for the Extension Officers for Religion (penyuluh agama) on ecology and the protection of peatland, working with a government agency that mobilizes local religious leaders to participate in conservation. 

For interested individuals, groups and organizations, please contact us at: Detailed information about the MOOC can be sent to your email.