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The Dialectics of Religious Freedom and Harmony in Indonesia


Pray before Vesak Day. Photo by: Andreas Fitri Atmoko


Since 2018, ICRS has been involved in a study entitled “Dialectics of Religious Freedom and Harmony in Post-Reform Indonesia”. The study looks into the problematic relations between freedom of religion/belief (kebebasan beragama) and religious harmony (kerukunan beragama), both of which are principles enshrined in the Indonesian constitution and legal framework. The study convened four Focused Group Discussions (FGDs) in Medan, Surabaya, Makassar and Jakarta; and two validation and dissemination workshops in Yogyakarta and Jakarta. The study has produced a policy brief that has already been submitted to the Ministry of Religious Affairs. A paper has also been produced, and was presented in an international conference on religious freedom. The Project was funded by the Netherlands Embassy in Jakarta.