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Photo of Dr. Leonard Chrysostomos Epafras, S.Si., M.Th.


Dr. Leonard Chrysostomos Epafras, S.Si., M.Th.

Research and Students Affairs

E-Mail:  leonard_epafras at staff dot ukdw dot ac dot id

From:  Universitas Kristen Duta Wacana




Bachelor: Immanuel Christian University, Yogyakarta

Master: Duta Wacana Christian University, Yogyakarta

Doctor: Inter-Religious Studies/ICRS, UGM Graduate School, Yogyakarta

Recent Publication

2021: “Contextual Jews: The Emergence of New Jewish Identity in Post-Reformation Indonesia,” in Rotem Kowner (ed.), Jewish Communities in Modern Asia: Cultural Contacts in Historical and Comparative Perspectives (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press) (forthcoming).

2021: “Penengah Informasi sebagai Keramahan Media Sosial” [Information Arbiter as a form of hospitality in the social media], with Hendrikus Paulus Kaunang,



2020: “Graduate Teaching in Indonesia as a means of Interreligious Engagement,” with Alan Brill, in The Journal of Interreligious Studies vol. 31, iss. 31, pp. 4-20.

doi: https://10.5281/zenodo.4172680


2020: “Mengaktivasi Allah” [Activating God] in Mencari Kehadiran Allah: Sebuah Refleksi di Tengah Pandemi (ed.) (Yogyakarta: Teras Gereja), pp. ii-xii.



2020: "Mencari Kehadiran Allah: Sebuah Refleksi di Tengah Pandemi" (ed.) [In Search of God: A Theological Reflection in the Pandemic] (Yogyakarta: Teras Gereja).

2020: “pandemi tak kunjung padam: corona, kon’ora dan keramahan organic” in [Corona vs. KonOra: Refleksi Teologi Keramahan dalam Konteks Pandemi, (ed.) (Yogyakarta: Alaf).



2020: Corona vs. KonOra: Refleksi Teologi Keramahan dalam Konteks Pandemi, (ed.) (Yogyakarta: Alaf).                                   


2020: “Jewish Minority in North Sulawesi: An Inquiry on Social Acceptance,” with Sekar Ayu Aryani, in International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology, vol. 29, no. 4, pp. 2488-2501.



2020: “Vimâna's gravity-defying airship: Non-places, aeromobility and environmental concern in Baladeva Comics,” in I Ketut Ardhana, Dicky Sofjan, and Made Adi Widyatmika (eds.), Community, Ecology, and Religion: Interdisciplinary and civic engagement towards sustainable living (Denpasar: UNHI Press), pp. 280-284. 



2019: “Agama and Mayantara” [Religion and the Internet], Edi Junaedi (ed.), Modul Pengayaan Wacana Keagamaan dan Keberagaman bagi Penyuluh Agama (Jakarta: Puslitbang Bimas Agama dan Layanan Keagamaan), pp. 61-79. Link: _Agama_and_Mayantara_Modul_Kemenag   

2019: “An Inverted Quest: Cosmopolitanism and Religion in Baladeva Comics,” in Research in the Social Scientific Study of Religion, Volume 30, ed. Ralph W. Hood, London and Boston: Brill, pp. 130-151. Link: 018.xml   2019: “Religious Blasphemy and Monitory Society,” in Kawistara, vol. 9, no. 2: pp. 220-230. Link: 

2018: “Indonesian religion as a hybrid media space,” with John Postill (RMIT University), Asiascape: Digital Asia, vol. 5 no. 1: pp. 100-123. Link:  

2018: “Beyond Signal and Noise: Academics goes Hoax and Hoaxtivism,” Kawistara, vol. 8 no. 3: 213-309. Link: 

2017: “Ibn Khaldūn and the Jews: On the Idea of Religious Emancipation,” Empirisma: Jurnal Pemikiran dan Kebudayaan Islam, vol. 26, no. 2: 117-136. Link: view/686  

2017: “Tweeting Religion in Indonesia: When Political Arenas Go Viral.” with John Postill (RMIT University), in “Piety, Celebrity, Sociality: A Forum on Islam and Social Media in Southeast Asia,” Carla Jones and Martin Slama, eds., American Ethnologist (virtual issue), November 08. Link:  

2017: “Judeo-Arabic as a Frontier of Interaction between the Jews and Muslims,” Insaniyat, vol. 1, no. 2: pp. 87-97. Link: 5472   Interfaith Dialogues in Indonesia and Beyond: Ten Years of ICRS Studies (2007–2017), (editor). Globethics Publishing, Geneva, Switzerland. Link:

2016: “Religious e-Xpression among the Youths in the Indonesian Cyberspace,” Jurnal Ilmu Komunikasi, vol. 13, no. 1: pp. 216-234. Link:  

2016: “Judeo-Arabic: Cultural Symbiosis of the Jews in the Islamicate Context,” Insaniyat: Journal of Islam and Humanities, vol. 1, no. 1: pp. 1-13. Link: 4401 

2015: “Discourse of Interfaith Conflict Prevention and the Indonesian Interfaith Weather Station,” in the Proceeding of the 7th International Graduate Students and Scholars Conference in Indonesia, pp. 216-234. Yogyakarta, Indonesia: Universitas Gadjah Mada Graduate School. Link: eather_Station

Research Interest

Inter-religious Studies, Religion Online, Christianity, Jewish Studies, and Popular Culture