Student Expenses and Scholarships

Yogyakarta is a relatively inexpensive city compared to many other big cities in Indonesia. While the range may be wide, depending on the life style, a reasonable estimate for modest living costs for a single student is IDR 3,500,000 (USD250) per month, which includes daily meals, housing, transportation and communication. While some dormitory spaces are available, most graduate students live in private houses or rooms or with families. With regard to health care, all ICRS students who have paid the tuition fee are automatically enrolled in the campus medical facility for basic healthcare (excluding long-term hospitalization or extra medication costs) through Gama Medical Center (GMC).

Tuition fee per semester:

  1. Indonesian: IDR 21,000,000
  2. International: IDR 31,000,000

Living costs per month:

  1. Living cost for a single student (estimate): IDR 3,500,000
  2. Other costs (books, photocopy, occasional out of town trips, etc): IDR 10.000.000 per year

Total cost per student per year:

  1. Indonesian student: 94.000.000
  2. International student: 114.000.000



ICRS students have been supported by a number of different partial and full scholarships. Below is the list of possible sources of scholarship (wich will be updated as more information is available). Pleas pay attention to the eligibility requirements; not all students are eligible for all scholarships.

Indonesian students:

  1. LPDP pays for full scholarship (tuition, fees, living costs and some research support).
  2. Ministry of Religious Affairs (MoRA) 5000 Doctor
  3. Beasiswa Unggulan
  4. SYLF/Sasakawa

International students:

  1. United Board pays for full scholarship (tuition, fees, living costs), visa, health insurance and international travel
  2. KNB, more information please visit and
  3. Universitas Gadjah Mada World Class University (
  4. SYLF/Sasakawa

In general students send their applications for the scholarships themselves. ICRS is happy to support their applications, if needed.


ICRS Scholarship

ICRS may at times offer a specific scholarship based on a particular research topic, for students who are interested to do a research on the topic for their dissertation. This will be announced as it is available.

In addition to all those possibilities, ICRS is building its own Scholarship Fund from donations by alumni or other personal supporters. Students who do not get funding may apply to ICRS scholarship after being offered admission to ICRS. For now, the scholarship is partial, paying only the tuition fee and requires students to work for six hours a week (e.g. writing for the website, assisting professors, working as an assistant for research or other programs/events, etc.). The number of scholarships given every year is also very limited. It is competitive, given on the basis of need and merits. Students who receive this scholarship signs an annual contract with ICRS and will be evaluated every semester in terms of his/her academic and working performance. The scholarship is given for a maximum of eight semesters and is not guaranteed for the whole duration of the study, based on the result of the regular evaluation.


PC USA Scholarship

PC USA pays for partial scholarship (tuition and fees), based on a proposal from ICRS and availability of funds in a given year. This scholarship is given to Indonesians and international students.